Indexable tools for finishing

Dijet’s popular products “Mirror Ball” and “Mirror Radius” achieve high precision and beautiful machined surfaces. We can improve your machining efficiency by selecting a grade that matches the helical shape of the cutting edge and a variety of workpiece materials.

Product list of Indexable tools for finishing machining

Mirror ball

Indexable ball end mill with insert R accuracy of ±0.006mm or less. We have a lineup of high-precision inserts for each application and are compatible with a wide range of work materials. It is capable of high-precision machining comparable to that of solid ball end mills, and achieves beautiful finished surfaces.

Mirror radius

High precision indexable radius end mill with corner radius accuracy of ±10μm or less. The tool rigidity comparable to that of a solid radius end mill suppresses vibration and enables high-speed finishing while maintaining high accuracy.

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