Hepta Mill


High metal removal is achieved by reducing the cutting force due to both the cutter & inner edge having side and face clearance acheiving high feed, even with a deep depth of cut.
• The heptagon shape gives you 7 cutting edges when doc is 5mm or less.
• Double clamping system fastens the insert securely.
• Inserts are available in flat top, chipbreaker and wiper style with various grades suitable for cast iron, general steel, and high hardened steel.




Other products


SKG-09 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This 9mm square insert was specifically designed for machining aerospace components. The 4 cornered inserts are made for cutting Ni-base heat resistant alloys, titanium alloys, and hardened...


SKG-10 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The SKG-10 is a high feed cutter that has a low cutting force. The maximum depth of cut on this 10mm square insert is .060”. The square...


SKG-14 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This 14mm works great for running high feed programs on CAT50 and heavy horsepower machines. Max depth of cut on the insert is .100” and can handle...

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