Carbide Drill

Dijet’s carbide drills utilize the strength of integrated production from raw materials to select the optimal grade, the optimal cutting edge shape and surface treatment technology to match the application, and enable high-precision, high-quality drilling in a variety of work materials. Realize.

Carbide drill product list

Strike drill

A solid carbide drill that achieves long-life, high-precision drilling in a variety of work materials, from stainless steel and carbon steel to pre-hardened steel and cast iron.

Tyler drill

Solid carbide drill with a 180° flat tip angle. Achieves process integration through multifunctional machining of various work materials such as stainless steel, general steel, and cast iron.

EZ hard drill

A solid carbide drill that can drill holes in high-hardness materials up to 70HRC with a long life.

TA-EZ drill

Carbide drill with replaceable head. In addition to inserts for general steel, we have added inserts for machining heat-resistant alloys.

TA-Tyler Drill

Indexable drill with a flat tip angle of 180°. Achieves process integration through multi-functional applications. Even with the indexable type, it is possible to counterbore holes with H7 accuracy.

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