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80 years of trust and track record


Leading company for mold processing tools

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It is a cemented carbide mainly composed of tungsten carbide and cobalt, but its properties vary greatly depending on the blending ratio, additives, particle size, etc.

In addition, the performance of cutting tools can be dramatically improved not only by optimizing the cutting edge shape to suit the application and workpiece material, but also by surface treatment (coating).

Our company provides integrated production from raw material granulation and blending to alloy sintering, tool grinding, and coating. This allows us to supply high quality tools.

Additionally, in 1997, all of our domestic offices received ISO9001 certification, and almost all of our products are manufactured domestically.

By supplying products of stable quality, we are able to make optimal proposals to solve customer problems.

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80 years of trust and track record

For over 80 years since our founding in 1938, we have been supplying tools to a variety of industries as a specialized manufacturer of carbide tools.

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Leading company for mold processing tools

Our company has particularly focused on the development and commercialization of mold processing tools.

For finishing machining, we have the “Mirror Series,” which achieves “mirror-like surface beauty,” and the “Vertical and Horizontal Mugen Series,” which achieves a large pick feed for 5-axis MC machining and dramatically shortens machining time. We have contributed to the development of the mold industry through our unique products.

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