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DIJET is helping to improve customer productivity in many cases without the need of replacing costly capital equipment, coating furnace etc.

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Category 01

Automotive industry

Precision in Motion: Empowering the Automotive Industry with Cutting-Edge Carbide Tools

The automobile industry is one of Japan’s core industries. There are a large number of work processes in automobile manufacturing, and how efficiently the car parts processing process can be carried out has a major impact on work efficiency.

In the automobile industry, DIJET products contribute to improving productivity, reducing processes, and reducing costs at processing sites.

Product group used in the Automotive Industry

Carbide drill

A high-precision solid drill that drills straight holes in a variety of work materials, from stainless steel and carbon steel to pre-hardened steel and cast iron.


Insert with 6 corners on both sides. A cutter that achieves extremely high feed of fz=2mm/t with Max.ap=3mm. Free-cutting inserts (PL type) with Max.ap = 2mm are also available.

End mill for aluminum processing

A long-selling product with a wide variety of sizes. ``Long shank type'' and ``under neck type'' that allow you to reach itchy areas improve productivity in aluminum alloy processing.

The need for lightweight and strong aircraft bodies and aircraft parts is increasing year by year for aircraft that fly in the skies around the world.

DIJET products are also used in the processing of aircraft bodies and various parts that are susceptible to changes in weather and temperature.

Category 02

Aircraft industry

Precision Takes Flight: Unleashing the Power of Carbide Cutting Tools in the Aerospace Revolution!

Product group used in the Aircraft Industry


A shoulder milling cutter with 4 corners on both sides that can be used for multiple functions with high precision and high efficiency. Type 17 has a high depth of cut of Max.ap=15mm, allowing for highly efficient roughing to semi-finishing. The 11-type small insert has multiple blades and enables highly efficient and high-speed machining. DS1 coated inserts for machining heat-resistant alloys are also available.

SKS G-Ⅱ 09 type

A high-efficiency, high-feed cutter that emphasizes sharpness and is specialized for cutting difficult-to-cut materials. Multi-blade specification with small insert with 4 corners on one side. The straight blade diameter and strong axial design reduce cutting resistance and enable stable machining of difficult-to-cut materials.

TA-EZ drill

An indexable drill with easy insert replacement and excellent cutting performance. In addition to general-purpose inserts that can process stainless steel, general steel to carbon steel, cast iron, etc., we also have an additional lineup of inserts for machining difficult-to-cut materials such as heat-resistant alloys.

Category 03

Mold industry

Precision Perfected: Unleashing the Power of Carbide Cutting Tools in the Mold Industry

Molds are used to make all kinds of products, and high-precision, high-quality molds affect the performance and appearance of the products, so high-performance processing tools are required.

DIJET contributes to mold machining with carbide processing tools that have a strength in mold machining.

Product group used in the Mold Industry


Highly efficient shoulder milling cutter with high rigidity and 6 corners on both sides. In addition to the unique three-dimensional insert shape, the main body's axial rake is positive, resulting in excellent cutting resistance reduction and chip evacuation. Can be used for a wide range of applications such as surface cutting, groove cutting, and plunge machining.


A 4-flute solid radius end mill that can handle a wide range of tasks, from roughing to finishing of high-hardness materials up to 70HRC. The 1D blade length improves tool rigidity, and the adoption of unequal divisions and unequal leads reduces fluctuations in cutting resistance and suppresses chatter. A good finished surface is obtained and chipping during processing is suppressed.

Mirror ball

An effective 2-flute indexable ball end mill that is a popular Dijet product. Despite being indexable, it achieves machining accuracy equivalent to that of a solid end mill. Suitable for a variety of machining and finishing of workpiece materials by selecting the helical shape of the cutting edge and material type.

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