Indexable tool for high feed machining

Small-diameter tool with 2corners on one side for high-speed, high-efficiency machining.
Adopted unique 3D geometry inserts with low cutting force and multi blades specification, even if small inserts, QM MILL achieved high speed and high efficient machining.

Features of product

Highly efficient machining
with small-diameter
multi-blade inserts even
in small-diameter sizes

Low-resistance inserts with a unique 3D shape
and multi-blade specifications achieved
high-speed,high-efficiency machining
even in small-diameter Φ10.

High-feed inserts
for various work materials

It can be used for highly efficient machining
for various work materials
such as general steel, prehardened
and high hardened steel, cast iron,
stainless steel, titanium alloys,
and heat-resistant alloys.

Inserts for shoulder milling,
high hardened materials,
and finishing

ZOMT type for general steel, prehardened
and hardened steel, cast iron
and stainless steel, etc.
YOHW type for general steel, prehardened
and hardened steel, cast iron, stainless steel,
and titanium alloys.

Porduct image

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