Indexable tool for shoulder milling

High-efficient machining is achieved by adopting low cutting force and multi-blade geometry.
Possible to machine wide range of work materials and wide range of applications. High-efficient machining is achieved by adopting multi-blade geometry by single side insert with 2 corners.

Features of product

EP ** type insert achieves metal removal rate : 144cc/min

Possible to machine low depth of cut and ultra
high-feed machining with Max.ap=1mm.
Achieved metal removal rate 144cc/min by dia.
32 mm tool. Applicable from general steel to high-hardened steel of 60 HRC.

ZPMT type inserts achieves
shoulder milling of

Shoulder insert for roughing to semi-finishing of
side or bottom surface. Max.ap is 6.0mm. There are 3 types of corner radius sizes ; R0.4,R0.8, and R2.0.They are applicable for the machining of
corner R parts.

YPHW insert realizes
high-efficient and high-precision machining.

Mirror insert is the insert for side and bottom
surface finishing or for contouring milling.
It realizes better finishing surface.
In case the application of  better finishing surface
is required, you can use CBN insert.

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