SKG-14 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This 14mm works great for running high feed programs on CAT50 and heavy horsepower machines. Max depth of cut on the insert is .100” and can handle large chip loads. The bodies range from 2”-6” all taking the same size insert. There are geometries and grades for most steels and stainless. This …

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SKG-10 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The SKG-10 is a high feed cutter that has a low cutting force. The maximum depth of cut on this 10mm square insert is .060”. The square geometry will help achieve high metal removal rates while maintaining a minimal spindle load. This cutter is good for a wide range of steel and …

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SKG-09 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This 9mm square insert was specifically designed for machining aerospace components. The 4 cornered inserts are made for cutting Ni-base heat resistant alloys, titanium alloys, and hardened stainless steels. These fine pitched pockets allow a high number of teeth for faster feed rates. Also, the inserts are ground in order to achieve …

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