EXSKS-09 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The SKS Extreme holds a unique high feed geometry insert. This double-sided trigon has 6 cutting edges for reducing cost per index. The insert has a chip breaker in order to be free machining and is capable of machining a variety of materials. The maximum depth of cut on this thick insert …

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exsks 07

EXSKS-07 (MULTI-EXTREME – HF) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION **Multi Extreme – HF will be changing name to EXSKS-07** It is called the “Multi Extreme” for a reason. This double-sided trigon insert has multiple uses. Not only is it a high feed insert, but it can also be used as a 90-degree square shoulder. The maximum depth of …

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EXSKS 05 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION New EXSKS series: EXSKS-05 type is called “KATANA”. Inspired by the Japanese Samurai sword, “KATANA” is named for its ability to smoothly cut through workpieces just like butter. It has unique and firm clamping system with 3D geometry insert and M3 size screw, performs maximum depth of cut when high feed …

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